Adelaide Bird & Exotics Vet Centre


At Adelaide Bird & Exotics Vet Centre, we understand that good nutrition and enrichment are important in the health of your pet. So, we stock food items that meet your pet’s nutritional requirements. Unfortunately, we see so many products available in the market that may contribute to gut stasis in rabbits, liver disease in birds and calcium deficiencies in lizards and turtles.

We stock the Oxbow range for rabbits and guinea pigs. We also stock Passwell bird foods and reptile supplements. 

At the Adelaide Bird and Exotics Vet Centre, we stock a wide range of Wombaroo milk replacements for kangaroos to koalas, and puppies and kittens to alpacas. heating pads, milk bottles and teats for the various species are also in stock. Talk to our vet nurses about feeding your orphaned critters.